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On Hold Marketing

Successful on-hold marketing is not measured by how many awards the creative wins, nor how bright the colors or loud the sound. It isn’t measured by using the oldest mediums or the newest fads.  Successful on-hold marketing is measured by positive results…

To often on hold marketing is not used to its fullest potential. It is a powerful environment that provides your business with access to a captive audience that is often misunderstood and underutilized. Think about it! When is the last time you could contribute a sale, new customer or referral as a direct result of a caller placed on hold?

The services from On Hold Company are unlike any other on hold solution that exists. We developed the industries first, and only, on hold marketing approach that provides measurable caller engagement, quantifiable results and ongoing caller interaction. Even after your callers hang up the phone.

Optional On-Hold Marketing Features:



  • Licensed Music that provides your business with access to 6.5 million musical works, more than 400,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers

  • Caller engagement with social media, On Hold Reward, e-mail, mobile phone and website integration

  • Professionally developed on hold marketing plans, voice talent and copywriting

  • Cloud based on hold marketing equipment

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