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About Us

Founded in 1993 by a father and son team, Brandt & Sons Marketing Group benefits from an extensive background in sales, marketing and advertising.  Today, Brandt & Sons specializes in developing on hold marketing campaigns.  


Brandt & Sons Marketing Group was founded in 1993 by Jack and Jeff Brandt, a father and son team. Jack came from a long background in sales, marketing and advertising. While Jeff came prepared with a history in sales as well as the entertainment & broadcasting industry. From the beginning they have been pushing the limits of the industry and available technology; little did they know it would lead to redefining the whole on-hold industry.


Brandt & Sons Marketing Group couples relationship marketing with the industries latest technology and cloud based on hold delivery systems.


We are excited to announce that Brandt & Sons Marketing Group has recently joined forces with On Hold Company. The resources offered by On Hold Company will be extended to all Brandt & Sons clients. This will include more professional voices, extensive brand music options, highly capable web portals and more. Visit for more information.

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